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Logistics software
  • Commodities trading and risk management on a single, unified platform

    RightAngle is a comprehensive commodities trading and risk management (CTRM) solution supporting front- to back-office workflow, from physical and financial deal capture to risk position reporting, logistics, settlement and accounting.

    With straight-through processing of trading and supply transaction information on a single, unified platform, you get an aggregated, real-time volumetric and financial view of positions and risk – enhancing your ability to mitigate risk and identify opportunity across your entire enterprise. It’s much more than oil trading software.

    • One solution from front-to-back office


      Costs and risks associated with front-to-back office reconciliation

      Because many firms use different systems across trading, risk and trade processing that are not well integrated, people performing different functions aren’t using a single, consistent set of information. Errors that arise in transferring data between systems need to be corrected introducing delays for users;  for a trader or risk manager who wants to see trading positions in real-time this can be critical.


      One solution from front-to-back office

      With Openlink you get one integrated solution for trade capture, valuation, compliance and limits monitoring, right through to position and risk reporting, collateral management, accounting, and cash management.  Because a single solution is used across front and back offices, a correction on a deal will automatically generate a correcting accounting entry; eliminating much of the manual reconciliation work typically required in trading operations.
      The data transparency delivered along the trade lifecycle also allows users to click on an accounting entry, for example, and drill down into the underlying trade to quickly investigate issues when they do arise.
      As a result, trade processes are streamlined and the business gets more timely and accurate information for decision making.

    • Avoid supply disruptions with integrated logistics


      Logistical challenges in supply management

      Refiners, marketers, and supply traders need to deliver the right product at the right time to the right location. Purchases may need to be made by traders many months in advance, and then schedulers need to manage logistics and transportation by either truck, rail, voyage or pipeline. But the schedulers and traders often share information in an ad-hoc fashion. In addition, schedulers need to closely monitor the supply chain to ensure product is on schedule for target delivery dates.


      Avoid supply disruptions with integrated logistics

      With Openlink refiners, marketers, and supply traders can manage purchases against a budgeted requirement and seamlessly coordinate with schedulers who must then manage fulfillment via truck, rail, voyages or pipeline transportation.
      Our solution manages the flow of scheduling and inventory information from nomination through movement for all major transportation methods, including truck, rail, vessel voyages and pipelines. And you can see and track product flows over time.


      Value Delivered


      You can coordinate complex buying and logistical activities, reducing operational disruption and associated costs (e.g. additional transportation costs).

    • Get real time reporting to optimize inventory management


      Timely and accurate view of inventory impeded by complexity

      Companies need an accurate view of current and projected inventories to meet their commitments. However they are faced with an avalanche of exchange agreements each with different product re-grades, location differentials and other details. In addition, product is spread out along the supply chain across storage, cargoes and in-transit. Keeping track of inventory is complex and is typically managed in spreadsheets.


      Get real-time reporting to optimize inventory management

      Openlink tracks all transactions related to inventory and exchange agreements including storage, cargos and in-transits, to provide accurate balance and statement reporting. We track product re-grades, location differentials and other critical details to produce timely and accurate exchange balances.
      Further, movements in and out of storage accounts are tracked and grouped so they can be reconciled with third party statements and/or physical inventory readings.


      Value Delivered


      The real-time volumetric and financial position reporting provided by Openlink enables companies to analyze current and projected inventory balances and optimize inventory levels.

    • Simplify and speed up settlement


      Errors and delays in settlement

      Crude oil, refined products and natural gas liquids are subject to a wide range of costs before they can be sold including transportation and product re-grades. In order to settle with upstream owners and producers, companies need to track and calculate these costs. However they often do these calculations in spreadsheets right now.


      Simplify and speed up settlement

      Openlink captures all pricing and cost components required to accurately calculate settlement, including transportation, demurrage, product re-grades, logistics costs and differentials.


      Value Delivered


      This simplifies the settlements process, enabling the necessary output to be produced in minutes rather than hours or days.

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