The new horizon in treasury management for commodity intensive corporates

Building the business case for integrated treasury and commodity risk management

Stop missing risks. Start anticipating.
In organizations that have historically separated treasury and commodity risk management or operated separate processes and systems in each area, there is a strong investment case for merging the two from a technology perspective. This is increasingly apparant as treasury has emerged as a strategic partner of the business, supporting the evaluation and execution of commercial transactions.

This is why we see innovative CFOs, Treasurers and Heads of Procurement at large commodity intensive corporates have been blazing the way for better treasury and commodity risk operations over the past couple of years. This white paper outlines several case studies and shows how to build the business case across your organization for centralized commodity and currency risk.

CFOs and treasury professionals that empower themselves to manage commodity and currency risk in a more centralized and holistic manner can gain a critical edge over rivals.

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