Why the RFP process costs more than you think

Treasurers and treasuries are under more pressure than ever to automate and proactively make the right decisions. And the Treasury Management System (TMS) vendor landscape is constantly changing, introducing unnecessary complexity to the system provider decision-making process.

NeuGroup’s Ted Howard, along with Alex Triplett, Corporate Development of ION Group, Phil Pettinato, CEO of ION Treasury and Michael Kolman, Business Development of ION Treasury, discuss how to better to navigate the TMS landscape.

Watch the webcast today and uncover best practices for streamlining and simplifying the TMS provider selection process.

  • Delve into the heart of the system selection process, and leverage customer success stories.
  • Learn why the RFP process is outdated and what to do about it.
  • Find out how a new approach to TMS selection will proactively help you make a better selection.



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