Energy Risk Asia Awards 2017 – Energy/Commodity Trading and Risk Management Software House of the Year

Openlink Cloud takes off in APAC

Reprinted from an article in December 2017/January 2018

Traders exposed to credit, currency and commodity risks have celebrated Openlink’s cloud delivery model. One Japanese client, with exposures in power, liquefied natural gas, coal, oil and weather derivatives, says the system is intuitive to use, and light years ahead of its competition.

The range of asset classes Openlink covers also makes it suitable for firms moving into new areas. Its work with liquid petroleum gas in the US made it a suitable partner for an Asian importer, for example, which had seen its popularity grow in the petrochemical sector. As a result, Openlink has established a foothold in a new market, and broadened the portfolio of energy commodities traded in the region.

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