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Openlink’s Solution For Agribusiness – Technology Response To Reporting, Tracking, And Distribution Requirements Of The Newly Passed Food Safety Bill

Increased responsibilities for agribusiness participants can be handled seamlessly with Openlink’s dbcSMARTsoft agribusiness technology

New York – January 25, 2011 – dbcSMARTSoftware, Inc. (dbc), an Openlink company and leading provider of solutions for the global agriculture and soft commodity markets, today outlines their technology response to the recent Food Safety Bill requirements. Recent news sources indicate that with this new regulation, the FDA is entitled to expanded access to Agribusiness owner’s records, if there is reason to suspect a potential public health risk, which includes anyone who manufactures, processes, packs, distributes, receives, holds or imports food commodities.

Specifically, these new regulations will allow increased inspection frequencies, mandatory recall authority, and the right of regulators to request real-time import certifications for food commodities. Firms will require enhanced tracking, transparency and Import Certificate Management – all handled in Openlink’s robust and comprehensive dbcSMARTsoft Agribusiness solution. These requests are easily managed in the system – as reports and queries can drill down to the lot, inventory or bin level of food commodities in question. Information on each step of the value chain can be managed in both directions (e.g., field to producer, customer to supplier).

“The impact of these new regulations will be wide-spread throughout the Agribusiness industry. Functionality for tracking food commodities as well as the associated reporting capabilities will be of highest priority for firms,” Henry Bonner, CEO of Openlink’s Agriculture and Soft Commodities division remarked. “We proactively monitor pending legislation, which could affect our customer base, and continue to respond with technology that is robust, scalable and agile.”

Openlink’s Solution for Agribusiness services over 250 participants of the agriculture and soft commodity value chain. The solution suite encompasses: Commodity Management with Contracts, Tickets, Advances, Final Settlement, Accruals, Order Logistics, Debit/Credit Memos, Storage, Position Risk Management, Bin Management and Futures & Options. Also included are A/R, A/P, G/L, Financial Reporting, Inventory Costing, Production, Sales Order Processing, Sales Analysis, Purchase Orders, RIN Processing, Brokerage and Contracts-Multiple Products.

To learn more about Openlink’s Solutions for Agribusiness, please visit: Openlink – Agribusiness

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