Openlink wins 2018 Energy Risk Award for ETRM/CTRM software house of the year

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Openlink wins 2018 Energy Risk Award for ETRM/CTRM software house of the year

NEW YORK—16 May 2018:  Openlink, an ION Investment Group company, has earned the 2018 Energy Risk “ETRM/CTRM software house of the year” award.  The award, conferred by the publishers of, recognizes the top software solutions provider in the energy and commodity trading and risk management (ETRM/CTRM) segment.  This is Openlink’s fourth Energy Risk award in the “software house of the year” category.

Openlink’s flagship ETRM/CTRM offerings are designed for energy companies and commodity-intensive corporations that require broad product coverage to address fluctuating business demands, changing regulations, and unpredictable events.

This year’s award recognizes Openlink’s deep knowledge of the market and strategic approach to addressing the needs of energy and commodities companies around the world.  For example, with the launch of Openlink Cloud in May 2017, Openlink is working with clients such as Uniper to pave their unique paths to cloud-based trading and risk management—with added benefits of accelerated time to value, scalability, and enhanced compliance.

Openlink’s roster of diverse clients includes one of the world’s leading integrated energy companies; the world’s largest national gas company; and a growing, midstream firm that moves a diversified portfolio of energy assets in North America and the UK.

Rich Grossi, CEO of Openlink, said, “Earning the 2018 Energy Risk Award for ETRM/CTRM software house of the year is an important validation of Openlink’s deep commitment to product and delivery excellence.  We design our products to help clients innovate and succeed in highly competitive energy markets, and we are inspired to help them achieve meaningful business results for the long term.”

Earlier this year, under’s Energy Risk Software Rankings, Openlink placed number one in the category of “Best Overall CTRM/ETRM Platform” for the twelfth time in the past 13 years and earned the top spot in 10 additional categories, including best knowledge of the market and widest product coverage.

Winning firms will pick up their 2018 Energy Risk awards and honor each other at events scheduled for May 15 at the JW Marriott in Houston and June 26 at the Waldorf Hilton Hotel in London.  For a summary of 2018 award winners, visit

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