Openlink Wins Commodity Business Award For Excellence In CTRM Software

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Openlink Wins Commodity Business Award For Excellence In CTRM Software

Receives special commendation for excellence in commodity logistics – client go-lives testament to achievement

London – November 16, 2011 – Openlink Financial LLC (Openlink), a leading provider of commodities, energy, trading, and risk management (C/ETRM) solutions, which support the entire transaction lifecycle, has won the Commodities Now, Commodity Business Award for Excellence in CTRM Software 2011, announced at the annual awards dinner at The Cumberland Hotel.

Key criteria for designating excellence in CTRM software:

  • Ability to execute globally
  • Client go-lives
  • Product dexterity in meeting market needs as they evolve and converge
  • Expertise in both physical and financial asset management
  • Organization’s agility to acclimate to constantly changing market vision

Kevin Hesselbirg, Chief Executive Officer, Openlink, said, “Our growth story is driven by our mission – to consistently develop innovative and advanced solutions to meet our customers’ requirements for sophisticated, complex and dimensional trading and risk management needs. We are pleased to accept this award for the second year running on behalf of our customers who continue to both challenge us and reward us through selecting our solutions to meet these needs.”

Openlink also received a Special Commendation in the category of Excellence in Commodity Logistics.

Dr. Wolfgang Ferse, EVP of Energy and Commodities for Openlink, added, “Being designated as the industry’s top CTRM solution, and a Special Commendation for Excellence in Commodity Logistics, is rewarding considering our significant investment in R&D for our physical cross-commodity portfolio over the last decade. The award also highlights our agility in becoming experts in translating actual market needs and trends effectively into solutions that are recognized by the industry, providing truly integrated end-to-end modeling, real-time decision support and reporting for all financial and physical asset classes which create superior returns for our clients on their asset portfolios.”

Hesselbirg added, “Our solutions suites for commodity logistics will continue to evolve, focusing on linking the complexities of the physical delivery and settlement systems with the trading floor such that our users are provided optimal visibility to explore the best means to maximize profits and manage risks.”

The Commodity Business Awards reward talent and excellence throughout the commodity markets in the physical and/or financial arena, including trading, risk management, structuring, finance, research, advisory, logistics, legal, and specialist technology.

Guy Isherwood, Publisher, Commodities Now, commenting on Openlink’s award, “My congratulations go to Openlink who have won this award for the second year in a row. It is testament to the quality of their solutions, their integrity in the marketplace, and the high regard they are held in by their customers and the industry analysts who provided input into the awards process.”

Openlink’s award was accepted at the Commodity Business Award Dinner by Colin Cooper, Managing Director, Openlink.

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