Openlink Widens Lead in Energy Trading Risk Management Systems in 2014 Chartis Risktech Quadrant®

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Openlink Widens Lead in Energy Trading Risk Management Systems in 2014 Chartis Risktech Quadrant®

London, New York – January 13, 2015 – Openlink, the global leader in Energy, Commodities and Treasury trading systems today announced its ranking as category leader for Energy Trading Risk Management (ETRM) systems in the latest report from Chartis.

The report, ‘Energy Trading Risk Management Systems 2014’, is a guide for buyers and reviews the competitive landscape for leading ETRM vendors. As depicted in the quadrant, Openlink has both the ‘most complete’ offering and the ‘greatest market potential’ in the global energy trading risk technology marketplace. View the RiskTech Quadrant® report at Openlink.

Peyman Mestchian, Managing Partner at Chartis, said “The report highlights the diversity of products and vendors in the ETRM market, however, there are a large number of common drivers creating common business and technology requirements across the energy trading risk management marketplace, including the convergence of requirements for both physical and financial products. Additionally, there is often overlap across assets for participants in this space, which means that systems must be ready to meet the needs of interconnected markets and provide greater cross-asset coverage. Openlink’s size, geographical presence, and wide range of asset classes help account for its position in the RiskTech Quadrant® and increased ability to service both the smaller and larger market participants wherever they may be located.”

Ken Knowles, Executive Vice President, Product Management at Openlink, said “Chartis’ positioning of Openlink as the market leader is testament to our commitment to the Energy and Commodities markets, our expertise, and dedication to our clients and their success. As the markets evolve, we are investing in our solutions to provide best-practice standards and packaged solutions to help our customers manage their businesses optimally in volatile and uncertain market conditions. We are quicker and more agile year on year, and at the forefront of technological innovation – unlocking the power within our systems to provide powerful intelligence and data visualization tools for advanced reporting and management information.”

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