Belgian Green Energy Company Lampiris Going Live With Openlink

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Belgian Green Energy Company Lampiris Going Live With Openlink

Liège and Vienna – June 30, 2015 – OpenLink, the global leader in trading and risk management solutions to the energy, commodities, corporate, and financial services industries, today announces its solution will support Lampiris’ gas and electricity portfolio trading operations with deal management, power nomination and power forecasting. The Belgian utility provides some 950,000 meters with natural gas and electricity from decentralized renewable energy sources.

Lampiris’ strategic goal was to have a single energy trading platform for all business processes, from front to back office, including daily trading and portfolio management. OpenLink’s IRM solution will provide this platform, calculating load and injection forecasts, assisting portfolio managers in daily deal management, as well as generating nominations and allowing back office users to keep an overview of all relevant activities in a central system.

“We work in a rapidly changing and growing industry and we rely on innovation for our competitive edge” says Daniel Jaspar, Director of Trading and Portfolio Management at Lampiris. “To keep ahead, we need to handle flexible data in a single system that extends across the front, middle and back office. Our growing customer base and the increase of our trading volume and complexity requires instant accessibility of information through a centralized platform to reduce operational risk and ensure data consistency across Lampiris.”

OpenLink has previously implemented solutions for single-source renewable clients, however working with Lampiris marks the first time OpenLink’s IRM solution will be deployed across a diverse-source of 100 percent renewable power generation.

“It’s a great step for us” explains Roland Jones, Managing Director of the IRM Division at OpenLink. “Renewable energy is gaining ground across the world, and will make-up an ever-greater portion of our energy mix in the future.”

“When a generation portfolio is made-up of a variety of very different, often intermittent renewable generation sources, trade processing and risk management becomes increasingly complex,” continues Jones. “We’re proud to bring the product, business, and technical expertise we’ve developed over years in the energy industry to bear on renewables, and to help innovators like Lampiris move forward.”

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