Acquiring treasury technology: Understanding ROI and the overall business case

Openlink, an ION Group company

A new e-Book from Strategic Treasurer and Openlink, an ION Investment Group company, helps corporate treasury leaders measure and improve ROI of treasury systems.

Many treasurers depend on fundamental TMS capabilities, such as cash and credit management, forecasting and hedging. But even the most experienced professionals can be unsure of how to scale systems for the future and are hard-pressed to make compelling business cases for additional technology investments. A new generation of enterprise solutions can help address such challenges and help treasury and risk management teams identify and capture additional value.

Get your copy of this new e-Book today and read about the experiences of Openlink’s treasury clients. Also includes information on making the business case for investing in a new treasury and risk management solution.

Treasury technology should not be treated as an expense. Like all investments it should be carefully tended to over time.

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