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Case Study

Etihad Airways: A single treasury management system takes off

International airline turns to Openlink to better manage risk

Automated dealing

Managing fuel operations is a challenge if you transport over 17m passengers every year on a fleet of over 130 aircraft. The problem is further compounded if you track commodity risk and treasury operations in different systems.

This is the problem Etihad Airways faced when it engaged Openlink. Together, they developed one single system that could report on its cash flow and fuel position without the need for teams to spend hours downloading data and reconciling spreadsheets.

Data-driven treasury operations

Beyond combining Etihad’s existing systems, the Openlink Treasury Management System (TMS) reduces manual processing by providing direct interface to the dealing platforms, such as the 360T trading solution, with connections in to Etihad’s ERP.

Scenario analysis and volatility analysis for pricing are built into key reports, helping the team determine the outcome when key variables like price and availability change.

The Treasury and Risk Management System is now an integral part of group treasury operations, with cash flow forecasts being sourced across the business and held centrally. The treasury department uses less paper and frees up the team to work on making strategic decisions rather than data wrangling.

For example, prior to the Openlink platform being deployed, an FX hedging day would mean long hours for traders as they would have to ensure everything had been captured in the TMS. This would delay downstream operational activities. Now, transfer of cash happens seamlessly as SWIFT payments can be triggered directly from the platform.

Excel use has changed, with macro-filled template spreadsheets including pre-configured pivots and charts, directly populated by system data.

Etihad Case Study

At the core of operations

The TMS is now an integral part of group treasury operations with cash flow forecasts being sourced across the business to be uploaded into the TMS as a central repository.

A new direction for treasury management systems

As Openlink continues to enhance the treasury management functionalities of the platform, it remains best-in-class at enterprise risk and credit reporting.

This empowers leaders with the insight required to reduce operational risk, manage input price and currency volatility, and improve company cash flow and profitability.

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