Rich Grossi

Rich Grossi


Rich was recently named CEO of Openlink Financial. He has a long history of success in key operational roles for over 20 years at Openlink. In his previous role as Chief Technology Officer, he led product management and engineering, as well as the company’s IT and information security. In this role, he focused on ensuring that Openlink’s products remain industry leaders, aligned to meet the market needs of clients and developed to maximize end-user satisfaction. Rich was responsible for development of the Openlink Cloud platform a future growth area and innovation for the business.

He held numerous management positions across business, product, engineering and operations, focusing on leadership, innovation and overall company growth. During these years with Openlink, he led client-driven sales, services and development projects that crossed various areas of the company’s product suite.

Prior to joining Openlink, Rich worked as a VP of Development at KWI, where he was responsible for technical management of internal software applications for a variety of dedicated clients.

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