We’re here to help you transform risk into opportunity, to create transparency and to conquer complexity

At Openlink, an ION Investment Group company, we embrace the challenges presented by a hyperconnected world, where big data and information are always evolving and always growing.

In a time when companies increasingly work across borders, disciplines, sectors and processes, Openlink solutions can take in terabytes of data from all corners and correlate all of it. And more importantly, make sense of it in real time.







Consider these objectives:

  • Are you instantly able to know if evolving trading strategies are still in compliance?
  • Can you quickly react to currency fluctuations to better assess unforeseen risk?
  • Do you have a window into P&L across different segments of your business?
  • Can you access expertise anywhere in your organization in an instant?
  • Is the same data available across your front, middle and back office, and do they work together across multiple datasets?
  • Have you empowered employees throughout the enterprise with data they can act on?

And can you do these things – in real time? With Openlink you can.

We’ve made it our business to make the most of the intricacies in yours. To help you become more nimble, no matter the size of your business. We help you collect and correlate all the data – automatically – into a single source of actionable intelligence creating transparency, uncovering value and mitigating risk.

Because when you let us help embrace the complex – the rest becomes simple. Life gets easier. Let’s get started.


Openlink helps you uncover opportunity and manage risk, no matter how complex your business

As the global leader in trading, treasury and risk management solutions, Openlink delivers the transparency that powers and protects global markets. We create software and solutions that provide a single source of truth across the enterprise that allows you to capitalize on unforeseen value and mitigate against systemic risk. We bring over 25 years of experience partnering with the world’s most sophisticated companies – from energy to commodities to finance – to offer expertise to every engagement.

Founded in 1992, Openlink is based on the idea that technological innovation and client service go hand in hand. Through deep involvement with client and market issues, Openlink has continually been able to refine and adapt solutions quickly as business evolves. Today, Openlink works with over 600 clients, ultimately serving over 38,000 end users across the world.

Through our industry-leading position, Openlink continually defines market innovation and direction. 2017 marks the introduction of the Openlink Cloud – the world’s first and most comprehensive enterprise cloud platform designed to seamlessly transform trading, treasury and risk departments. Openlink Cloud combines the best of our flagship products with the scalability and agility of a cloud-based platform.

Leading energy, financial services and commodity companies, multinationals, public utilities, hedge funds and central banks rely on Openlink to capitalize on new opportunities and manage risk.

Let us show you what we can do for you.



We are proud to work with many of the largest names in energy, commodities and finance.




As an industry leader in both service and innovation, our recognition comes from all over the globe across a wide range of categories.


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